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Markets are up again and I am rich! Are you really ?

Markets across the globe are going up and up and up. Sometimes it feels like we are living in two different realms, just like in the avengers. The asgardians(stock owners) are this beautiful, rich, advanced race with money sloshing around and the earthlings(non stock owners aka common folks) are trying to fight all of the evils invading their lives on this planet each day. Its definitely a strange dual worlds we are experiencing right now.

There is a large swath of people who have made it rich thanks to the paper gains of the stock markets. Question though we have to ask - Is that wealth ? is that truly independence or freedom? I like Morgan Housel the author of the book "The psychology of money" and I would strongly recommend everyone to read that book but most importantly as your children to read it.

His recent article really dwells into this topic of "The biggest returns". And am sure each one of you will derive your own conclusions from the article.

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