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A Fathers radical advice to his teenage son — Part 1

Dear Son,

Congratulations on turning 15! You are officially now an adolescent, at the cusp of being a man. You are noticing it too. Changes are happening fast. Changes like growing hair all over your body (some that you believe are growing in the wrong places) to physical changes to emotional changes and yes changes in your voice too. Welcome to the real world, we always want to have a lot of things but we have to learn to be happy with what we have. There is a lot to celebrate for. You have had a good life and hopefully a happy life ahead. Having said that there are aspects of this era that you need to understand and assimilate as you step out into the world. The important lessons I have learned in life I thought I should leave for you so that you don’t have to relearn through failures what I learned in a long and hard life. It’s all about creating mental models of how you view and navigate the world. Over the course of my life, I have built a mental model which largely has served me well. These mental models are not static or constant. Keep updating them as and when you go through new learning experiences. These are directional so use your judgment to take the advice as is or modify it to suit your context, situation, and thinking.

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